Sandi Seckman Studios

As far back as I can remember, I wanted to create. I think it had to do with expressing words....just an image. Some people knew the image that was in my mind and others created their own. That's when I learned art is in the eye of the beholder.

To me sculpture is a sensual experience. Hence, I love when people touch my art. When I am creating, I love the feel of the clay in my is warm and flowing, when the clay sculpture is complete I then take it to the foundry to have it cast into bronze. This process is called “The Lost Wax Casting Process” and takes approximately 10-12 steps to finish. As an artist I have to wait approximately 6-10 weeks for a clay sculpture to become bronze and when it arrives, it's a completion of what was coming from my soul.

I had been a painter (watercolorist), sketch artist most of my life. When I was living in Denver Colorado, a friend of mine invited me to a night time pouring of bronze. I went to his foundry/studio and watched him pouring bronze in the molten lava pouring into this ceramic shell. I was hooked! I worked for free for a year, just to find out how this sculpture thing worked. After many years of assisting the artist in his work, he suggested I try a sculpture of my own. He mentored and taught me for which I am deeply grateful and allowed me to move forward.

My work has been described as “non-representational with an element of realism.” I believe the viewer should see what they want to see in stimulate their mind. I love it when people see something different than what I created....that means I have presented something provocative, creating a conversation and having them involved with my art. Most people say don't touch the art....I think we have lost our ability to feel when you are told “do not touch”. Art should be an experience not just a view. “It's okay to touch” mine at least......enjoy and experience!